Young Persons Development

“Giving the inspiration to work”

Giving the inspiration to work

Acorn Environment Services is a well-established and growing North-West based company. Acorn has developed a reputation for reliability and is focused on delivering a professional but friendly response. We have a wide range of customers including local authorities, housing associations, commercial business & domestic customers.

Through a combination of personal experience and a genuine commitment to adding social value, John Wilkson, the Chairman of Acorn Environment, has nurtured and championed a vision. That vision is to provide 14-16 year olds who are struggling in school with the opportunity to engage in the work environment.

Gaining employment is a major step in the transition to adulthood for young people in the UK.

The Young Persons Development Model is a framework for enhancing engagement and self-worth by working in conjunction with schools and other agencies to identify and work with youngsters who would benefit from this experience.

Following an induction process students attend work experience 2 days per week for an 18 month period. The main aim is to instil respect, confidence, teamwork, a good work ethic, good manners, positive morale and a sense of direction. As part of the arrangement the students still have to attend school 3 days per week where they continue to receive lessons in Maths, English and Science.

Students’ are visited in work where they are given the opportunity to provide feedback and receive constructive criticism on their progress. They receive tool box talks in health and safety, equality and diversity and customer care. They take part in mock interviews and receive certificates of achievement. They are supported in applying for college and apprenticeships. At the end of their 18 months on the programme students receive an evidence folder documenting the tasks that they’ve undertaken, a final certificate in “Work Ethics” a written reference and a CV.

The model is gaining growing support with Oliver Letwin MP, the Minister for Government Policy , quoted as saying;” Based on its success rate, the programme has come to my attention and I would encourage the founders to roll the scheme out nationally.” We believe that companies engaging with the model will be able to show their compliance with the requirements of the Social Value Act 2012 and demonstrate that they take corporate social responsibility seriously.

A new “not for profit” company is being established to roll out the model on a regional and then national basis.

  • 18 month program to instil work ethics
  • Giving opportunities to disadvantage young people
  • Preparing today’s young people for tomorrows jobs
  • CV and Written References given on course completion
  • Hands on work experience to gain life skills and expectations
  • Interview training, Help and advice along the way..